Philly Mutual Aid - Neighbors Helping Neighbors

WHO WE ARE: Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is a Black, Brown, & Native-led group of community members & organizers involved with radical social justice organizations around the city. We are neighbors concerned about our communities and helping to make sure those most vulnerable and affected by COVID-19 get the help they need.  
WHAT WE’RE DOING: We are matching people in need with neighbors able to help. We offer support getting folks groceries, medicine, and supplies. We arevolunteer
run, we are not funded, and our aid comes directly from the community.  

WHO WE’RE PRIORITIZING: We are prioritizing those most vulnerable and affected by COVID-19 : the sick, elderly, disabled, undocumented, single parents, queer, Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color, those quarantined without pay, and those limited in work.  
HOW THIS WORKS: When a request for aid is made, we go into our network of community members who have volunteered to help and find a volunteer that meets the
requesters need. Once we match the person who made the request with the person/people who can provide support, we put y’all in touch and you figure out the details together from there.  
OUR AID LIMITATIONS: We are neighbors helping neighbors. The aid provided comes from community support and solidarity. We cannot guarantee to meet each request but we will try our best to do so. We are not funded and we are not a government or medical agency. We are simply people connecting our neighbors who need help with our neighbors who can help. 

OUR MODEL: Thank you to the rad folks at the Seattle Area Mutual Aid Solidarity Network for making the request form this form was modeled after. We have tweaked their version to meet what we think our needs 
are, and will continue changing as we learn and grow. If you have questions or want to chat about our model, email Neighbors Helping Neighbors.