Petcare for Healthcare Workers

“There is so much pressure on the Healthcare Workers (HCWs) right now to be everything for everyone - lifesavers in the hospital, responsible parents for their kids, good sons/daughters for their parents, and caring pet owners for their pets at home! Childcare volunteering project is already in action and we will expand on that asap, but we also want to make sure HCWs are not stressing out about making sure their pets are getting enough food to eat and enough attention that they deserve in this stressful time. Can we lend a hand or a home for these little fuzzy creatures?  


Right now, the plan is for student volunteers to post flyers in common areas of their apartment of neighborhood, informing that there is petcare available for HCWs. As we get people in need of pet care, we will work out the scheduling with the students within the area and go from there. Let's work together to help the HCWs who are putting their lives on the line to fight against COVID-19.”