Children’s Hospital of 


COVID-19 Hotline Help 

Volunteering for Medical Students OR Graduate Students only


Sign-up Steps as Specified by Organization: 


Step 1. Please sign-up through this google form 


Step 2.  

WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR BACK that you are officially cleared. We appreciate your patience with HR and IT in our current situation! Currently unclear if the situation will demand another round of on-boarding (based on quarentines, call volume, etc.) 


Step 3. After you are cleared... Sign up for shifts link below. A friendly reminder that much help is needed right now- please sign up for at least 16hr (4 shifts) per month. 


Step 4. Directions for day of shift: 


1. The Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline is located at the Roberts Center for Pediatric Research (734 Schuylkill Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146). 

2. Free street parking... hopefully staff garage will be made available to all volunteers in the near future (TBA). 

3. Enter at the main entrance which is on the side of the building that has the logo on it... you may need to climb up a lot of stairs if you parked on the street. 

4. Sign-in at the security desk will require your driver’s license; you will receive a temporary badge. 

5. Take the elevator to the 7th floor (you may need someone else with a badge to get you up). 

6. Walk towards the west side of the building AKA where all the people are... you should encounter the call center. 

7. Ask for someone in charge (try Michelle, Temdy, Joan, Jeanette) and tell them you need to be oriented... they'll help you from there!