Caring for Friends

"Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more detailed information and to answer any questions you may have.


The warehouse and industrial kitchen in our Philadelphia Caring Center can accommodate groups of all sizes. You'll work together to cook meals that our volunteers will deliver to people across the region. In the warehouse, you will help with the inventory/ sorting of food items and deliveries that may arrive at the facility.


By volunteering, you will be helping with:


In the Kitchen

  • Food Prep- Cutting vegetables, meat  and any other ingredients needed

  • washing dishes

  • packing meals in an assembly line set up

  • sorting item when needed

In the warehouse

  • Assembly

  • stocking shelves

  • inventory for freezers

  • organizing(separating/sorting food items)

  • unloading truck/van


Any question please feel free to reach out to our volunteer coordinator by phone or email at any time.


Shafia- Volunteer Coordinator